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Dartball - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden

Tri-Boro Dartball League

The Tri-Boro Dartball League consists of 8 church-based teams from the Sheraden, Elliott and Crafton sections of western Pittsburgh.

Here are Directions to the teams Home Fields.

The game is played by rules adopted from baseball, but we don't use balls and bats...we use 6-inch long steel-tipped wooden darts thrown at a 4 foot by 4 foot Dartball board that is 25 feet away.  We play three nine-inning games every Tuesday night, starting at 8:00 p.m.  The teams rotate and either play a Home game at thDartball Board - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden eir own church or play an Away game at that week's opposing team's Church.  Our leagues games are all played in all the participating churches - in class rooms, basements, fellowship halls etc... . The largest common factor is people getting together and having a lot of fun.

Towards the end of each year's "season", we start the Playoffs.  The top four teams in each League (based on their season records) make the Playoffs.   The 1st place team plays the 4th place team;  The 2nd place team plays the 3rd place team.  The winners of the Playoffs go on to finish the season with the World Series game.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church has enough men and boys that they are able to host two teams:

All of the teams have a good time and we get to meet many other Christian men that we probably wouldn't have known, otherwise.

Crafton Lutheran UCC
Crafton Methodist Trinity
LUM Yanks
Sheraden Methodist/Terrace TLC II

If you like baseball, you think you can throw a big wooden dart at a board 25 feet away, and you want to have some good, clean fun on a Tuesday night, then contact us for more information.

Darts - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden


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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden, 3102 Sherwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15204        412-331-0600