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Weddings - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden

The Church Council has set the following fees and rules for the rental of the church for social events (weddings, baby showers, business meetings, etc.).


Rooms and Personal Services Requested


    For the use of the Sanctuary (upstairs)


o   Fee for the Pastorís services


o   Fee for the Church Organistís services


o   Fee for the Church-supplied Soloist


    Mandatory Church Custodian fee


    Mandatory Security Deposit (refundable)


NOTE:  Security Deposit refund is pro-rated, based upon damage & cleanliness



General Information about Church Weddings:

Flowers and white aisle runner:  If the couple desires a white aisle runner and/or altar flowers, then they must contact their own florist to obtain the needed items.  The primary rule on altar floral arrangements is that they can only be placed at the sides of the altar.

Candles:  The Church will provide the kneeling pads and altar candles, however, the wedding couple must buy any special candles needed for a candle-light wedding service. 

Music Selection:  Since the wedding ceremony is a religious service, the Pastor must approve any music used during the wedding service.

Organist:  The Church Organist typically plays the organ at weddings (see Organist fee, above).  However, if you prefer, you may use your own guest organist.  In this case, at the time of the Marriage Counseling, you must give the Pastor the organist's contact information.  The Church Organist will then contact your guest organist to determine whether she will grant permission to the guest organist to utilize her organ or piano.

Soloist:  You may supply your own soloist or group, however, the Pastor must approve the music prior to the wedding.  If you would like the church to supply a soloist, then soloist fees may apply (see above).

Photographs:  Photographs and videos may be taken at the wedding, however, please ask your guests and photographers to refrain from FLASH photography once the wedding ceremony has begun.  After the wedding ceremony has been completed, photographs may be taken at the altar and any other location.  The Pastor will be available for these photos, if requested.

Payments of Fees:

  • Full payment of all rental fees must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of your reservation.  Your reservation will be cancelled if full payment is not received by the deadline. 

  • Fee payments must be in cash, check or money order Ė payable to Trinity Lutheran Church. 

  • All funds will be deposited immediately after receipt.

  • A Returned Check fee of $25 will be charged for each returned check.  Returned checks and the Returned Check fee(s) must be paid by cash, money order or cashierís check.

  • Security Deposit refund checks will be sent within three weeks after the completion of your event.

  • The Janitorial Fee is to pay for the janitorís time to open the church for you, to lock the church when you leave, to verify that the church was left in good condition and for minor cleaning.  You are responsible for returning the church to the same condition as it was in when you arrived.

  • You are fully responsible for any costs incurred to repair damage caused by your guests.


To receive a full refund of your security deposit, you MUST:

  • Remove and dispose of all decorations (including all pieces of tape, crepe paper, etc.)
  • Take all trash with you.
  • Shut and lock all windows.
  • Ensure that all doors are shut and locked when you leave.
  • Contact Bill Helterbran, Jr. at 412-331-0369 to report any problems or damages.

Other Common Questions:

  • You may not move the organ, piano or any other church furniture or fixtures.

  • You may not make any alterations to the organ, piano or sound system.

  • Do NOT park any vehicles on the front sidewalk!



Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden, 3102 Sherwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15204        412-331-0600